Desire urges me on, while fear bridals me
Giordano Bruno

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BRRRAAAPPPP!!! May 8, 2017

BRRRAAAPPPP!!! May 8, 2017

Once again, it is officially motorcycle season, and this is what I love about riding my own motorcycle:

  • The sensation of the power and the growl of the pipes when starting my bike is a rush.

  • The feel of the wind and sun immediately melts away the stress.

  • There is an incredible feeling of possibility while on a motorcycle. One never knows what might be encountered on a ride which makes it an extraordinary journey each time.

  • It is freeing, visceral, relaxing, sexy, sensual, and powerful. There is an added sense of independence and empowerment; a blending of the masculine and feminine - Mars and Venus. To know that I am capable and nobody is going to tell me otherwise. To know, I have this powerful machine at my control, and I make the sole decision of how I ride.

I have been fortunate to have always considered myself an independent and intelligent woman. As I grow wiser, I now include powerful, capable, and determined as personal descriptors. Nobody is going to tell me that I cannot do anything I set my mind to, and riding my own motorcycle has brought that fully into focus. Each challenge I encounter on a ride adds to the knowledge of "I conquered that!" The process of learning to ride and now building skills have significantly added to my level of confidence of not only riding but in life itself. When faced with something that appears arduous, I often think "If I can ride a motorcycle, I can do that."

Even during the most challenging aspects of a ride (weather, temperature, hip cramps, bugs (you wonder why a biker rarely smiles) the lovely smell of skunk and roadkill, gravel, etc.) I will finish the ride and think, "Wow that was intense, but it was great!" That philosophy also applies to life. There will always be obstacles to overcome while working toward a goal or the heart's desire. For me, failures and challenges invite an attitude of determination and perseverance and once the trials have been overcome it is essential to acknowledge the success (even if it just a high-five or sitting back for a few minutes to soak in the sense of accomplishment).

However, some roads are washed out so I have also learned when to let a closed road remain closed, accept the detours, or look for a different route or way that will take me to my destination. When I can remember that construction zones, while annoying, are temporary, I am better able to call on my patience, relax and notice the sweet rewards presented to me at the moment:


• The bursting smells of the summer prairie, fresh cut hay, and wildflowers

• the feel of the hot sun then the blessed coolness of cloud cover

• the vastness of the blue sky

• the road whizzing by under my feet

• all the fantastic people met along the journey.


Sometimes detours and closed roads are a blessing in disguise. Some of my greatest opportunities have come about as a result of having to search for an alternate route.

Motorcycles are not for everyone, I get that. But everyone does have a passion for something, and it is important to honor that call, embrace the challenges, notice the rewards at the moment, and celebrate in the end. Find your BRRRAAAPPP....and come alive with the possibilities.

Shiney side up!

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