Kelly & Charlie



Meet Charlie. Charlie is a 8-year-old, Fox Red Labrador who showed up on our doorstep one spring evening seven years ago. Homeless and emaciated, but an absolute sweetheart, we took him in, and he transformed our lives

Charlie is Charlie, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He approaches living with wholehearted excitement and has adopted the motto "Oh Boy! My Favorite!" for just about anything he encounters (except thunder and fireworks - and he makes no excuses for his fear of these two things). Charlie is a genuine role model for living life to the fullest and following his heart's desire.


My name is Kelly Marker. I have a career as a mental health counselor, writer, and professional speaker. For several years, I understood the need for authentic living and following the heart. Unsure how to create this in my life most of the things I tried did not seem to last long. One day I noticed it is difficult to be around Charlie and not be infected by his enthusiasm for being in this fantastic world. Through Charlie's influence, I have come to learn more about connection, immersing myself in the richness of life, appreciating all that surrounds me, and living life with authenticity and joy. The changes I have made as a result have been profound.

In November 2013, Charlie and I partnered to share with the world our journey of how to live with passion, understand the language of the soul, and follow the authentic heart's desire.

Join us as we unlock the magic to connect with life and share what we have discovered about ourselves and others in the world.