How It All Began
November 9, 2013

I am launched! After months of contemplating, I have finally taken the step to begin a blog. While this appears to be an easy process, I know that I will make many mistakes along the way. However, errors are the road to learning and becoming better at what one does, so I welcome the new experience.

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Charlie's Wisdom is named for my son's dog, Charlie. As with all of our animals, Charlie found us. He was nosing around our neighbors front yard one evening, and despite being skin and bones, he was full of energy and personality. We took him in, had him scanned for a chip by the vet's office and Humane Society, and canvassed the neighborhood to see if someone was missing him or knew where he belonged. The only thing we learned was that this dog had been running loose in the area for weeks.

I could not bring myself to leave him at the Humane Society, but we already owned three dogs and a cat. I could not fathom adding one more animal to an already busy household. But Charlie turned on his full charm and Alex, our son, convinced me that he would be responsible for the care of him. I think Charlie scoped out our house and family, noticed we spoil our animals, and made his play. He could not have found a happier, more loving home. We have no regrets.

Alex moved out of the house one year later. He was 20 and ready to move forward with his journey toward independence. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) Charlie is not an apartment dog. He has an enormous amount of energy and requires lots of love and attention. I agreed to care and watch over him, and the rest is history. Charlie follows me everywhere he can, travels with me, has his a memory foam bed next to my bed, gets dried mango for treats, and is taken on long hikes in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota at least once a week.

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Charlie and I have become best friends. He is a gift from the angels and has taught me much about life. When I could not quickly think of a domain name for this blog, Charlie laid his head on my lap with a big sigh. Charlie's Wisdom was born. Appropriately so as his presence in my life has given me the inspiration to make healthy, positive changes, and create the experience I want to live.

As a licensed professional counselor and professional speaker, I desired a bigger platform to share insights and thoughts. I love my work and genuinely believe that people have the power to create the life they want. My passion is to inspire and coach others to dream big, take risks, and live their heart's desire.

Join Charlie and me as we journey into the blogging world. Experience our mistakes, insights into life, plus the discoveries and wisdom we encounter. Perhaps there will be something to help you on your journey.

If you like what you read, pass it along to your friends. Kind and thoughtful comments are always welcome. If you feel the need to be overly critical, then please think twice before posting.

Now it is time for us to celebrate the launch of our new adventure!

Kelly and Charlie