Desire urges me on, while fear bridals me
Giordano Bruno

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Oh Boy! My Favorite! - November 16, 2013

Oh Boy! My Favorite! - November 16, 2013

I have often said that I would want to live the life of one of our dogs for about a week. It would be bliss to be able to run and play without the worry of caring for others.

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Charlie certainly lives his life to the fullest. As we were hiking last weekend, I delighted in watching Charlie as he ran, played, jumped over fallen trees, explored ravines and holes, chased small critters, swam, and generally had a great time. At the end of the hike, Charlie got his favorite treat of dried mango and the core of a green apple. As a bonus, he did not have to think about driving back to town and instead soundly slept in the rear of the car. Total bliss.

When not sleeping in the car, Charlie loves to stick his head out of the window to "catch the wind." When people see him, it seems they delight in his ecstasy and cannot help but smile and laugh. Charlie spreads joy wherever we go because he is so happy all of the time. He delights in everything. Food? Oh boy, my favorite! Hiking? Oh boy, my favorite! Bedtime? Oh boy, my favorite!

In Quiet Mind, One Minute Retreats from a Busy World, David Kundtz writes about Paul Pearsall's belief in Delight Deficiency Disorder. Pearsall believed our attitude has become too serious-minded and forgotten how to bring delight into our everyday lives. Kundtz quotes Pearsall, "If you don't find a balance between pressure and pleasure, your epitaph is going to read, 'Got everything done, died anyway.' "

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Charlie indeed is an inspiration and role model for experiencing delight in his world. What is so important that it cannot wait while you delight in a cup of coffee and experience a beautiful sunrise?

Ever since I read about Delight Deficiency Disorder, I have become more aware of the daily delights I choose to bring into my ritual? For example, after the kids have left for school, the dishes are done, bed made, and I am mostly ready for work, I sit and drink a hot cup of tea and read whatever book I am absorbed in at the time. These acts have become a daily ritual, and when I do not build in the time for this delight, I feel that my day lacks in some way. I have other practices that I have throughout the day, week, weekends, and seasons. These customs bring calm and peace to my world. They lighten my heart and life so that I can experience more delights. I have even been known to take a day off of work to finish reading a book I cannot seem to put down. Why not? I am a responsible individual, and I take care of business. When I make time to experience delight, my productivity and creativity increase.

While it is not always possible to take a break from your responsibilities, it is possible to incorporate delightful habits while you go about your daily tasks. When I am completing the dreaded required paperwork for my job, I will put on music that I love, sip a cup of hot tea, or have a yummy snack. Paperwork is not fun but combining it with something that brings a smile to my face makes it more tolerable.

Delighting in the world around you and bringing purposeful delight into your life will help you to lighten your heart, bring a smile to your face, and more enjoyment to your world.

In what way can you conquer Delight Deficiency Disorder?

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