Desire urges me on, while fear bridals me
Giordano Bruno

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Finding Authenticity - September 27, 2018

Finding Authenticity - September 27, 2018


Charlie is Charlie and makes no excuse for his personality or character. He loves things that other dogs do not and hates things that other dogs love. But Charlie does not care – he marches to the beat of his drummer without a care of what any other creature thinks about him. He does like to please, as most animals do (humans included), but he does not change himself to please others. There are some annoying habits that Charlie has (he is a very loud licker, likes to rest his paw on me, and is very needy for constant head rubs) but again, Charlie does not make any excuses about his behavior and looks at us like we are nuts when we correct him. He is very authentic.

I wonder what it is like to be truly authentic and not worry about what others are thinking about me, or feeling that I need to change something about myself or my personality to be accepted.


Our heart's desire springs from authenticity. Not in just who we are but how we live life. The world around us would like to tell us we are wrong and guide us into living in a manner that they see as "right." But the heart rebels against this notion and encourages us to live our journey in the way that we see as "right" for ourselves. An internal struggle may be created, and anxiety rises when trying to please two masters (our heart and others). Bottom line is we have to discover our process, our way of thinking, our way of approaching a problem, our way of managing life. It is what is "right" for our personal growth. It may not be "right" for someone else, and that is okay. Perhaps even preferred because others need to find their way, too.

If it doesn't work, then it is up to us to change it. If you are ready for your adventure to follow your heart's desire, then be ready and willing to accept responsibility for all that comes and let go of blaming others. Additionally, prepare to let go of the "picture," "vision," or outcome your mind has created that would result from reaching your heart's desire. Attaching to such an expectation will only lead to disappointment. It is better to consider what type of experience you want and search for that experience despite whatever comes your way during this journey.

It could mean living a particular way to feel more joy, peace, harmony, or contentment. For Charlie, it probably means experiencing such pleasure the soul feels like it could burst. But how do we know we are actually living our heart's desire or just fulfilling our pleasure-seeking impulse? How do we even know what our heart's desire is?


If it is money, fame, or power you think you desire, consider this point of view: money symbolizes safety, security, success, and freedom; fame signifies recognition, love, and acceptance; and power expresses safety and control. What do you want to experience? Safety, recognition, acceptance? Instead of chasing money, fame, or power, perhaps its time to change your perspective and consider what you might genuinely want instead.

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