Today is 53 degrees with winds gusting up to 45 mph.  Miserable.  At times, I can hear the wind howling outside and through our fireplace. Great day to stay in, work on a post, read, eat yummy leftovers, and relax.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  It was 77 degrees with just a slight breeze.  So of course, it was necessary to take a break from the day’s cooking and go for a ride.  This put the cherry on top of a perfect day with family, friends, and plenty of food.

My husband and I chose to ride Iron Mt. Road from Keystone to Custer State Park.  It was magnificent.  Very little traffic to hinder our joy of the curves, pigtail loops, and beautiful scenery.  The curves were effortless – a shift of the body here or a push/pull on the handle bars there.  At times, I could lift my face to the sun and feel the golden rays reach through my body to my soul filling it with warmth and plenitude.  I could feel the stress of the last few months being left behind on the highway of life.  It was glorious.  My stomach unclenched, my shoulders relaxed, and I could breathe full deep breaths.

We were graced with a small herd of bison bulls idly grazing in a meadow just off the road.  Three of them started “playing” – butting heads, grunting, kicking up dirt.  They had no mind for us as we sat watching their progress up the hill.  The only other wildlife to make their presence known was a small white tail buck and his doe.

Riding does wonders for my soul and I cannot imagine not having these experiences in my life.  It is difficult to share with someone who has not ridden their own the joys and freedoms that come with this endeavor.  It is not for everyone and I appreciate and honor that. But I do believe there is something for each individual that will make their heart soar with delight, ease the tension from the shoulders or stomach, and allow the world to come alive.  Perhaps it is worshiping the divine, a collection (stamps, rocks, antiques, dolls, etc), creating art, admiring art, writing, traveling, training animals, being a parent, reading for pleasure, investing, business, helping others, surfing, laying on the beach or in a hammock, cuddling with a loved one (two or four-legged), etc.  It does not matter the specific endeavor.  It only matters that it calls to you.  Calls to your heart.  Awakens a passion and helps you see the world in a new light.

I see so many people with depleted souls and a lost sense of self.   Let go and play on a regular basis.  The grudge work and other “must do’s” will always be there for you.  I promise those tasks will not walk away.  But they can be made more pleasurable when you take time to nourish your soul.  While I love cooking and baking tons of food for a Thanksgiving feast, it does become wearisome being in the kitchen for 10 hours.  It’s wonderful how yesterday’s ride helped put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.  It helped make the day easier and more relaxed.



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