Monthly Archives: April 2017

Shhhh…be still

Relaxing on the dock after a walk and a swim.

For the past 9 months, I have been contemplating the meaning and purpose of this blog – particularly a blog about a dog who seems to have wisdom beyond my own.  As I peruse book stores, I notice several books about our beloved four legged friends which tell us about their heroics, lessons to incorporate in our lives, or about a dog’s point of view. There appear to be an infinitesimal number of “self-help” books about living with passion, finding the true self, authenticity, spiritual growth, vulnerability, learning to love yourself, etc.  Additionally, the internet is filled with blogs and articles about happiness, love, emotional growth, and so on.

Finally, one morning, during my practice of sacred time (meditating, inspirational reading, and yummy tea), it finally occurred to me the importance to persevere in my journey to encourage others to live an authentic, passionate life.

There seem to be few opportunities to be still and listen deeply. The noise and chaos of everyday life is so loud that the messages of honoring the self, pursing your dreams, and living an intentional life are easily drowned out, forgotten, given up on, or put aside.   It’s like being jostled around at a rock concert yelling into a friend’s ear with only 1 out of 5 words heard or understood. Your friend knows you are trying to tell him something, but the message is garbled and lost.

With the exponential increase of technology, there is a lot in our world competing for our attention. Like a rock concert where one in five words can be heard over the music and the crowd, the noise and chaos of the world create an environment of convenient barriers to hear or honor the heart’s desire. Awareness of one’s surroundings fades away (just notice how many people have their heads buried in their phones, tablets, computers, television, etc).  Our fast-paced world increases anxiety and stress as we try to keep up with the perceived dictates of society.

The older generations will speak about regrets of not following dreams, investing more in relationships, or taking time to enjoy this wonderful world.  Putting aside the all present “to-do” list, slowing down, and listening to the heart does have its merits.

Blissful rest

Maybe that is why I can truly appreciate Charlie’s wisdom. He role models slowing down and being aware.  He stops to notice new smells, follows his curiosity, and lives in the moment.  He is passionate about being outdoors, car rides, stealing tennis balls from Abby, (our super senior German Shepard) and trying to be a lap dog (he truly believes that if he could just fit in my lap like our dachshund, Roscoe, life would be perfect). Despite having so much energy, he also daily practices total relaxation (he is currently sleeping peacefully by my feet).

If you have read past articles, you know that I wholeheartedly believe in living with passion and intention.  I am now committed to adding my voice to the arena of inspiration.  My voice of passion and Charlie’s role model for living in the moment can be one more building block to help overcome the noise and chaos in our world to help more people release their stress and create more peace in their lives by following their heart’s desire.

No regrets.