Monthly Archives: March 2016

Simple Pleasures

DSCN0528For Charlie, there is nothing like a car ride.  It does not matter if we are going hiking and he can stick his head out as we travel 70 mph on the highway, or if we are just going a few blocks away to the Credit Union (which happens to give out fantastic doggie treats).  Charlie really does not care where we go, as long as he can jump in the back and stick his head out the window.  He enjoys watching passing cars and loves it when we are next to a motorcycle.  The car ride is his simple pleasure.

My simple pleasures include: laying in the hammock on a warm summer day; losing myself in a great novel (usually an Outlander novel – yes, I have read each book many times and if I read the actual book and not a Kindle the pages would be worn and falling out); or spending time with my kids and/or husband as I cook dinner or bake something delicious (I just love the company).

Simple pleasures are worthy of honoring and practicing on a daily basis.  After all, it is the simple things that bring life back into balance, open the heart, and regenerate the soul.

Keeping life simple,
Kelly and Charlie