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Pajama Day

IMG_0268 (640x374)Pajama Day!  Oh boy, my favorite!  I love pajama days and I do not take the opportunity to enjoy them as much as I used to.  A Pajama Day is just how it sounds.  Laying about in my most comfortable pajamas, reading good books, watching fun movies, enjoying my family, and eating delicious food (which may actually be junk food – but it is still delicious).  This is a day where I try not to have a care about anything unless absolutely necessary.

Charlie is probably not as enthusiastic about Pajama Days because it generally means he does not get to go for a hike or walk. However, the one benefit for him on these days is the increased company and frequent tummy, head, or leg rubs that he will enjoy (not a bad deal as far as he is concerned).  I, on the other hand, had been craving a Pajama Day.  I felt as though I needed a “down” day to recoup from the busyness of the past months.  Promises to myself to take a Pajama Day for several weekends were often put aside.  There was always a yoga class, bills to pay, kid activities, menu planning, grocery run, hiking adventures, articles to write, cleaning, baking, and cooking to do.  My erroneous thought process was “If I can just get this done, then I will sit down and relax.”  But unfortunately, relaxation did not occur until 7 or 8 in the evening.  By then I was too tired to relax and ended up in bed shortly after I sat down.

Last weekend, though, I just “hit the wall” and finally told myself no more.  I slept in until 10am (a rarity) and when I got up, I put on my comfies, grabbed a book, and sat down.  I confess that I did go to one yoga class, but, to my credit, I forced myself to come home, change back into my pajamas, and finish my day.  (As a side note, Charlie would love Yoga class.  He is excellent at downward dog and could teach all of us how to totally embrace Savasana – the final relaxation pose).

In the past, Pajama Days have typically come easy for me, but this time was different and somewhat difficult.  Is it possible that I have been incredibly busy with so many different activities that I actually forgot how to sit down and relax for longer than 20 minutes?  Maybe, for whatever reason, I have more energy now (ha ha).  Or maybe I am more engaged with what I am doing each day that it hasn’t seem like I needed to sit down.  Not likely, because for several weeks I craved a Pajama Day.  And it did me tons of good to create the opportunity for myself.  As a result, I felt more rested and enthused about life.  It was delightful!!

Pajama Days require letting go of all the “should’s and could’s” that clutter the mind (i.e. I should do…. or I could get that done….).  It requires you to nurture yourself in a way that you do not often experience.  Let others care for themselves while you care for yourself.  You are not good for anyone when you are crabby, irritable, sick, or burned out.  I have encountered several individuals in my counseling practice who could use a guilt free Pajama Day on a regular basis (and maybe several in a row).  Pajama Days offer the opportunity to increase energy, productivity, and creativity, while decreasing anxiety, depression, and exhaustion.  These days clear the mind and nourish the soul.

Take one today.  No time?  Bull crap!  You schedule time for everyone and everything else.  It is not selfish to do something that will increase happiness and satisfaction in your life.  Look at Charlie – he has regular Pajama Days and is one of the happiest creatures on this planet!!  Get creative and plan the time for yourself.  I am a very busy woman, but I value the time.  I also practice what I preach.  So, I’m having half of a Pajama Day today and will take a full one next weekend.  What are you waiting for?